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Aktualizováno: 14. 1.

M.A. Michal Krysl

curator, performance & new media artist

The artistic event Cube refers in the public space to a symbolic static state of the mind, which also blocks physical life itself. Blocked creativity means an immobile state that is difficult to break down by an individual. The cube symbolizes misjudgment, a fate that is not inevitably degrading. The open solution situation was finalized here with help from outside. A random passer-by understands the course of the artistic action and saves the person in question by removing the cobblestone, symbolizing the killing element of miserable life. The symbolism indicates that a person can not always help himself and that empathy and real help of another person is still relevant and eternal. It can only be realized in the presence and in a physical place, by understanding the situation and the environment.

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